Learn How to Determine the True Cost in Our New Blog

Welcome to our new blog! Our upcoming posts will provide you with tips and strategies focused on manufacturing-related cost analysis. We’ll dig into some hidden sources of cost and teach you how to apply our Forensic Cost Analysis method, which allows you to make data-driven strategic decisions for top-line growth or bottom-line cost reduction.

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn more about:

  • Our Forensic Cost Analysis support, which spans a wide range of industries like automotive, energy systems, electronics, military, aerospace, medical devices and consumer products.
  • How to apply the data we generate to every function in your organization — whether manufacturing, purchasing, R&D, product development or sales and marketing.
  • A deep dive into the ways cost plays into your competitive strategy and decision-making. This includes a greater understanding of how investigative costing, Forensic Cost Analysis and other methodologies can lead you to make more competitive bids, win more contracts and bring greater value to the marketplace.
  • A look at detailed teardowns of parts in the automotive, electronics and medical device industries, demonstrating the many hidden sources of cost.
  • Other Intellicosting services, including negotiation support, application development consulting, brand awareness campaigns and sales leadership consulting. 

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