Intellicosting Has Been a Trusted Virtual Resource Even Before the Pandemic

The virtual workforce is the new reality of work. Firms that don’t adapt will be left behind. This observation comes from many current sources for business news like the Wall Street Journal and name brand consultants. But no worries here — Intellicosting has been a trusted virtual engineering technical resource since our founding fifteen years ago. Providing our services virtually has always been our business model.

Part of Your Team

Costs are everywhere! Our experienced team of engineers uses methods, drawings and parts to uncover hidden costs throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing operations. Our detailed, forensic level cost analysis allows our clients to consider changes and then make data-driven decisions that ultimately cut across all functions of their organization.

We help our clients across a wide range of industries. Our main business base is rooted in the automotive, electronics, medical and private equity markets. We are called upon to help fill cost analysis needs and support the buildup and logic for value propositions for a variety of reasons — tight timelines, stretched resources, project complexity, special situations, a fresh set of eyes and more.

Our clients range from startups to large original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We don’t replace our client’s team; we become part of the team and work to earn the team’s respect from day one. In a nutshell, we expand our clients’ talent pool when they need it, where they need it and for as long as their project lasts. We build trust and place high value on long-term relationships by delivering improved, sustainable performance to the bottom line. We prove ourselves project by project. That is our “virtual” reality!

Overview of Our Services

Here’s a quick overview of our cost analysis support:

Business development: New product cost determination, competitive benchmarking, and value proposition development for both internal strategy discussions and external sales and marketing.
Engineering: Alignment of product specifications with customer requirements; cost-reducing workshop facilitation; independent design cost reduction; cost management; attribute trade-off analysis; and engineering change cost.
Financial: Projected new product cost; business plan development; independent cost assessment; ROI verification; and setting component cost targets.
Supply chain: True cost analysis of purchased parts and data-driven negotiation support.

Getting Started

The Intellicosting Process allows both large and small organizations to make data-driven strategic decisions for top-line growth and bottom-line cost reduction. We offer our cost analysis services to startups, venture capital organizations, management and engineering consultants, OEMs, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, aerospace, defense, and military organizations.

To get started, feel free to drop us a line.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for upcoming and exciting news about Intellicosting “Plus.”